Things to Know Before Booking Hair Appointments Online...

  • We offer 3 different levels of stylists which allow for various price points. Each stylist is assigned a level based on their years of experience and 

    education. Everyone is qualified and licensed to create. The choice lies in what you are comfortable with. 


  • It's 2019, not the 1950s. Not all long hair cuts are women and not all men's cuts are short. We are a gender neutral salon and all prices are set due to hair length and not gender. Length-based pricing takes gender out of the equation and the cost is based on the amount of time, skill, and products used. We always want our pricing to be transparent and fair. 


  • If you are a first time color client, please book a Color Consultation. If you have previously gotten color, we ask that you call the front desk to reserve an appointment or prebook while you're in the salon! 


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